free NCAAF picks and predictions Saturday night 16 September 2012

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free NCAAF picks and predictions:

Buffalo Bills -4 point spread = 2.05 decimal odd vs Kansas City Chiefs
5* – bet 5units

For you my followers and readers!

Please read this!

When we start this blog our team try to demonstrate if is possible to put almost all the variables for a sport in a math model in order to predict the outcome higher than 54%  and we make a promise to keep this blog free for a year. This will be possible for a different sports in side. For MLB the free predictions will be put off in two weeks before the end of this season.

Our math predictions model show us in the last days small to mega profit. That means for our team, we rich our goals: more than 100 units profit for both systems – straight and parlays. We intend to transform our blog in a commercial site at the end of MLB season. For those who follow us and are already in our community, for next season will be in advantage and will receive a 70% discount for our math predictions. Who will follow start from now will receive a 50% discount of our MLB predictions offer. and at last for those who will follow from next weeks until the end of MLB season the discount will be 25%.

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Next step for the rest of MLB season it is to have almost daily profit, and to not have gap or higher picks: positive/negative.                                 

Next two US sports with free predictions will be choose between NFL, NBA, NHL, NCAAF and NCAAB at our readers request. Please send us at your request for what sport predictions do you want to have free picks and parlay combinations.




Positive Sunday = +39.72 units profit

  1. straight system = +12.19 units profit
  2. parlay system = +27.53 units profit
  3. total ROI = +39.72 units profit

Total recover in our budget plus profit, will keep going forward. 


Sunday – profit of both system +28.36 units profit for parlay and straight MLB predictions

  1. straight = + 12.05 

    today we increase our bankroll
  2. parlay = +16.31
  3. Total = +28.36 units profit;                                                                      All details are in each posts with predictions updated after end of games , straight or parlay. You can check that in each posts. Please follow the money management if you want to increase the bank roll. Thanks!    experts_at_sports_predictions_team