Saturday 12 October 2012 CFL, NCAAF free picks and predictions – spread points strategy

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Canadian and American college football :

  1. Winnipeg Blue Bombers*** +3.5 = 1.86 decimal odd at bet365 vs Calgary Stampedes  bet 3u; lost 3u
  2. Edmonton Eskimos** to win game at 1.90 vs Saskatchewan Roudrigues  bet 2units; win = 3.8u
  3. Miami Florida*** at +8.5 point spreads = 1.76 decimal odd at bet365 vs North carolina  3 units; win = 5.28 u
  4. Miami Ohio** +10 point spreads = 1.76 decimal odd at bet365 vs Bowling Green 2 units; lost 2u

Totla p?l = 10.08 – 10 = + 0.08u profit

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