New starts, a new improvements

Dear all my readers!

After a “silenzio tampa” time when regular MLB season was closed and NCAAF, NFL stared already our team ruled our math system in background for hundreds simulations in order to correct the insides errors.

We subtract the Psi Factor from total system, and the accuracy now it is over 63.7% for MLB.

The Psi Factor will be a separate system who will produce only over 60% wins no matter what sports will invest.

Anyway we will start to run for NCAAF and NFL our prediction and simulation game in order to double our initial budget invest = 100 units (points).

We are proud to offer spread points and total points – two systems who will produce over 60% wins.

Money management and strategy will be straight and will be classified by the stars systems (please read the stars system in our archive).

Also this predictions will run free for this season. Enjoy and follow US in order to increase your bankroll. You can judge our system at the end of this seasson – our target it is to double a 100 units bankroll to be 200.

That means if you want to follow all the picks: total points, spread points and mixed combo (parlay system) for each system should you prepare a separate budget for 100 units for straight system and for parlay should have a initial bankroll = 206.25 units.

We will start to manage our budget with a combination from Kelly criterion and double size of this.

For any details you can contact US on mail at, or let a comment with your request or questions. Will try to answer you at quick possible  moment.

Please keep in touch in order to received our free predictions!

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PhD, Master and Diplomat Engineer in Materials Engineering Domain, Metallic Advanced Materials; Statistics, analyse and sport predictions.