Monday – 30 July – negative results = – 19.3 units

  1. straight system = – 7.3 units
  2. parlay sytem = -12 units
  3. Total = -19.3 units

A day with significant changes in our predictions evolution. Seems still the human factor are too variable. Next week the psi factor will be more constraint, but now we did not find the range to make this input to distribute the variations in 2 sigma. But this it is our job to do that and for you just keep in mind our system are not quite stable and have  a very higher picks in plus or minus. Please be careful with your bankroll and do not increase your units when we make profit. Another possibility it is to decrease your units for next after a profitable day and to increase after a negative day with 0.5 units, but you’ll do that if you have a higher budget .


Author: expertpredictions

PhD, Master and Diplomat Engineer in Materials Engineering Domain, Metallic Advanced Materials; Statistics, analyse and sport predictions.