Thursday – 26 July – black day = -13,92 units; Please read carefully this article

1983 Major League Baseball All-Star Game

  • straight system = -13,12 units
  • parlay system = -0,8 units
  • Total = -13,92 units
Weekly we recorded a black day when all the math predictions are blow away by the human factor. Seems we start joined to soon the Psi factor and the math system. Anyway in simulation mode our predictions in long term will be  in positive area and the bankroll growth will be higher then 100%. That means a 100 units budget at the end of season will be great than 200 units. But because we are still in trial test our advice for you it is to play with a simulation budget = 100 $, GBP or euro, or any national currency do you have. When we started this project, was an ambitious idea to demonstrate how a engineers group with out any sports background can create a math model in order to predict the any sports outcome. We choose MLB because have a lot of variable, and statistical data can not be include in a logical matrix, and if  we can increase a budget more than 100%, will be more efficient than stock market, also than financial system.
Until next spring our site will be public open, and any followers who will have  more than 3 months will received a special offer from us. 
We repeat again keep close and try just in a simulation mode – play with a small budget -100 units = 100 from your national currency for each system in side: straight and parlay.
Thank you!

Author: expertpredictions

PhD, Master and Diplomat Engineer in Materials Engineering Domain, Metallic Advanced Materials; Statistics, analyse and sport predictions.

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