Tuesday – 24 July – positive trend +30,99 units profit

Total result from 24 July prediction in both system:

first: Psi factor:

  • straight = -0.83 units
  • parlay = +3.15 units
  • total = +2.32 units profit

second: math system:

  • straight = + 25.1 units profit
  • parlay = + 3,57 units profit
  • total =+28,67 units profit

Total Tuesday 24 July = +30,99 units profit

Seems the math system start to works better and it is possible to reach our target 100 units before the end of MLB seasons. At the end of July will do all the total for each system and for total. Don’t forget, try to have a separate budget for each system

Keep close in order to check our daily predictions.

Thank you!



Author: expertpredictions

PhD, Master and Diplomat Engineer in Materials Engineering Domain, Metallic Advanced Materials; Statistics, analyse and sport predictions.