Rank of predictions and money strategy

Please feel free to choose from our predictions what do you want. In order to help you we create a rank system from stars numbers from 1 to 10:

  1. * = 50,7% chances to win
  2. ** = 54% chances to win
  3. *** = 57% chances to win
  4. **** =59% chances to win
  5. ***** =61% chances to win
  6. ****** =62.5% chances to win
  7. ******* = 64% chances to win
  8. ******** = 64.5% chances to win
  9. ********* =65.7% chances to win
  10. ********** = 67% chances to win

Anyway in order to minimize possible loss we try to offer you a money strategy related with alternative handicap existent at bet365. That means we divide our stake in two parts in usual mode, but we can split also in three parts time to time. All decimal odd are roots there, but for sure you can feel free to play how do you want.

In fine if you know more bookmakers who can have the same opportunities to play with alternative handicap also for underdogs please let us knows.

Also if you like our posts please gives a like or a stars in order to improve our communications. For any questions you can mail us at expertsatpredictions@hotmail.com.

Thank you!



Author: expertpredictions

PhD, Master and Diplomat Engineer in Materials Engineering Domain, Metallic Advanced Materials; Statistics, analyse and sport predictions.