Amazing Monday – confirmation of both system -Psi factor and math system +30,88 units

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Total result from 23 July prediction in both system:

first: Psi factor:

  • straight =+4,2 units profit
  • parlay = -4u profit
  • total = +0,2 units profit

second: math system:

  • straight = + 17,5 units profit
  • parlay = + 3,36 units profit
  • total =+30,86 units profit

Total Monday 23 July = +30,88 units profit

At the end of July will do all the total for each system and for total. Don’t forget, try to have a separate budget for each system. Anyway with this success we are in total in positive area and our target are to reach +100 u/system developed and shared with you.

Keep close in order to check our daily predictions.

Thank you!



Author: expertpredictions

PhD, Master and Diplomat Engineer in Materials Engineering Domain, Metallic Advanced Materials; Statistics, analyse and sport predictions.