A Sunday storm – little disaster = – 36 units


Well, again the human factor surprised all the math inputs. It is in our hand to combined the human factor with math predictions. For that will start today in two parts our free predictions:

  1. Psi factor predictions
  2. Math predictions

At the end of this month or first half of August if will be enough statistical data the Psi factor will be included in our predictions model.

Until than just look at our divided predictions.

For combination system will advice to play off-line – in simulation mode at least for the end of July. All the parlay system will have just  2units/combination.

Please be careful with your budget. For sure it is time to reconsidered the budget and to take maximum 5% to be a stake unit.

Let’s do again our prediction in green line!

Good lick to you all!



Author: expertpredictions

PhD, Master and Diplomat Engineer in Materials Engineering Domain, Metallic Advanced Materials; Statistics, analyse and sport predictions.